Founded 1986

World Airshow News (WAN) was published continuously from 1986 to May 2004 as a trade magazine. In July 2004, it was relaunched as a colorful, lively magazine of airshows, airshow performers, airshow acts, and related companies and activities. At that time the magazine underwent a dramatic redesign, and it continues to remain graphically fresh and editorially compelling. The magazine is distributed four times per year. Editorial. Simply put, we cover airshows and airshow people: Interviews with performers, excellent photography with over 60 contributing photographers annually, in-depth features on the military's involvement in airshows, jets, warbirds, air racing, and lots of reports on specific airshows attended by our staff and contributors. Advertising. WAN is the most colorful, most widely read, and most economical magazine in the industry, reaching more than 5,000 readers per issue (including pass-along copies). Although our ad rates are comparable to those of the industry's trade magazine, our total readership includes virtually the entire industry, plus airshow supporters, fans, and non-association performers and businesses. THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE IT HAPPEN Sandra Parnau, Publisher. If you've called the WAN phone number, you've heard the voice of the energetic and friendly Sandy. She received her degree in supervisory management from Waukesha County Technical College (WI), and spent 13 years supervising customer service representatives. You will appreciate her attention to detail when you have any questions regarding advertising, subscriptions, materials or dates. Jeff Parnau, Editor-at-Large. Long-time airshow fan Jeff has a commercial license with instrument and multi-engine ratings. He's a CFI, and he flies a variety of aircraft including his favorite (a 1946 Piper Cub). He's been involved in publishing for his entire life. Jim Froneberger, Editor. After over twenty years in banking, a career-changing move to aviation writing and photography led Jim to his position as Editor of World Airshow News. He began as a feature writer, but now manages the development of the editorial content you read in each issue. Jim resides in North Carolina. Denise Decker and Michael J. Gallagher, Contributing Editors. Our two Contributing Editors supply a significant portion of the feature content you read in each issue. They each seem to attend more airshows in a single season than most people do in ten years. Michael resides in Illinois and covers many Midwest shows, but he also ventures to other major events to grab those special stories and interviews. Denise lives in Virginia but jets all over the country, primarily to larger shows. The cookies she bakes and takes to airshows nationwide are legendary and have earned her the nickname, “The Cookie Lady.” Kerry J. Newstead, Canadian Editor, Calendar Editor. We don't know how he does it, but Kerry seems to attend more Canadian airshows than the performers. Kerry also maintains our comprehensive airshow calendar and helps coordinate our extensive team of freelance contributors. Brad Haskin, Air Racing Editor. A regular at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Brad keeps us linked-in to the exciting world of air racing. Brad’s entertaining writing makes you feel as if you are right there watching the Unlimited racers scream around the pylons. Greg Koontz. Our resident ACE, Greg brings the performer perspective to our pages in his monthly column. He is a full time airshow performer and teaches basic aerobatics at his Flight School/Bed & Breakfast called Sky Country Lodge in Alabama. Greg serves on the ICAS A.C.E. committee, holds an unlimited aerobatic waiver, and is designated a Master Certified Flight Instructor-Aerobatics by the National Association of Flight Instructors. CONTRIBUTORS Our team of over 60 contributors represent the heart, soul, and spirit of World Airshow News. Some are professional photographers, but others are hobbyists who produce professional-grade work. All love airshows and share their love with our readers though their images and reports. You can see their work in the Gallery pages of this website and in Airshow Highlights in each issue. A number of our contributors also write occasional feature stories. WORLD AIRSHOW NEWS P.O. Box 950 East Troy, WI 53120-0950 PH (414) 801-1636