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         Full U.S. Schedule Announced:

        Patrouille de France                       The Patrouille de France will use this special scheme for their 2017 North
                                                   American tour (Patrouille de France photo).
           As we reported in our last issue, for the first
        time in over 30 years, the French Air Force jet
        demonstration team, the Patrouille de France,
        will perform in the United States and Canada in
        2017. In late February, the team announced their
        full North American schedule on their Facebook
           In addition to airshows, the team will perform
        a series of fly-overs at various iconic American
        landmarks. Their visit will last from late March
        through early May and is to commemorate the
        100  anniversary of the United States’ entry into
        World War I. The announced dates are:
           March 25   Statue of Liberty Fly-Over, New York
           March 27   Washington, DC Fly-Over
           April 1-2   Melbourne Air & Space Show, Florida
           April 4    Sun ‘n Fun Airshow, Lakeland, Florida
           April 5-6   Kansas City, Missouri          April 30   Wings Over Gatineau Airshow, Quebec
           April 8-9   Maxwell AFB Airshow, Alabama   May 1     Montreal, Canada
           April 10-12   Visit Blue Angels, Pensacola, Florida  May 2   Quebec City, Quebec
           April 12   Dallas, Texas Fly-Over
           April 13   Grand Canyon Fly-Over, Arizona  The Patrouille de France flies eight Alpha Jets featuring red, white, and blue
           April 14-16   Sacramento, CA & Golden Gate Fly-Over  colored smoke. The 30-minute flight demonstration includes both precision
           April 17-18   Visit Thunderbirds, Nellis AFB, Nevada  formations and solo maneuvers. They are based at Salon-de-Provence, France.
           April 20-21   VIP Event, Langley AFB, Virginia  For the 2017 season, the team will sport a special paint scheme with a new tail
           April 22-23   Stewart ANG Base, New York  design featuring a stars and stripes theme. The team will travel with an Airbus
           April 28-29   NATO Tattoo, Norfolk, Virginia  A400M Atlas support aircraft, ten Alpha Jets, and 72 personnel.

                                                               – fans, performers and organizers – are incredibly patriotic,” said
         New Partner for Rower Airshows:                       Rower. “With more than 10 million people attending airshows
                                                               annually in the United States, we wanted airshow fans to know
        The GWOTMF Foundation                                  about the movement to build a national Global War on Terror
                                                               Memorial, and to let them know how to stay informed and how they
           The Global War on Terror Memorial Foundation (GWOTMF)   can help support the effort.” Visit www.gwotmemorialfoundation.
        and Rower Airshows have announced a new partnership    org for more information. You can also visit them on Facebook to
        aimed at raising awareness and support for the foundation. The   get the latest updates at 
        foundation’s mission is to provide the organizing, fundraising, and
                                     coordinating efforts to build   Returning to USAF heritage Flight:
                                     a memorial on the National
                                     Mall in Washington, D.C. to
                                     honor our fallen warriors,   The A-10 Thunderbolt II
                                     U.S. services members, their
                                     families, and all those who   The USAF Air Combat Command has announced that the
                                     have supported the war on   A-10 Thunderbolt II will return to the airshow circuit in 2017,
                                     terror.                   participating in the USAF Heritage Flight program. Commonly
                                       Gary Rower is a former   referred to as the “Warthog,” the A-10 will fly at approximately 20
                                     USAF F-16 pilot, instructor,   venues, including both Sun ‘n Fun and EAA AirVenture.
                                     and current airline captain   The addition of the A-10 to the USAF Heritage Flight program
                                     with over 21,000 hours in the   will allow the Air Force to have a presence at a larger number of
        Gary Rower will be flying his 450 Stearman   air. He performs airshows in   shows, including smaller shows that may not otherwise be able
        in 2017 to help support the mission of The   his vintage 450 horsepower   to host a USAF aircraft. The Warthogs have not participated in
        Global War on Terror Memorial Foundation   Stearman.   airshows since 2013, when the sequestration budget cuts forced
        (photo by Jim Froneberger).    “The airshow community   the elimination of all U.S. military airshow support.

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